Aztec Pine, Pinus teocote

Aztec pine (Pinus teocote) is found only in Mexico. This pine was found growing on the highest peak, Picode Orizaba in Mexico. This pine is also called the teocote pine.

The Aztec pine grows at 4,921 – 10,500 feet above sea level where the rainfall is between 1.6-2.2 feet per year. This tree grows in soil that is thin and contains calcium and limestone. This pine grows to heights of 65-82 feet and occasionally to 98 feet with a trunk diameter of 2.4 feet. The trunk is straight and the crown is full. The bark is dark gray-brown with thick grooves creating rough, scaly plates of bark. The needles are light green, grow in bundles of three, and measure 3.9-5.9 inches long. Male cones are yellow-green, oblong, and measure 0.39-0.70 inches long. Female cones measure 1.5-2.3 inches around and 0.78-0.98 inches long. Seeds are dark brown, thick, and measure 0.11-0.19 inches long with a wingspan of 0.47-0.70 inches long.

The Aztec pine has been heavily forested for timber use as well as for the resin content for the processing of turpentine, and is becoming threatened in its habitat.
This pine is host to the fungus, dwarf mistletoe, causing stunted growth in trees.

Image Caption: Aztec pine (Pinus teocote). Credit: sharloch/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)