BAC Mono

The BAC Mono is a single seated sports car manufactured by the Briggs Automotive Company (BAC). The idea behind the single seat was to improve visibility, weight balance, and driver experience.

Engineers from Cosworth, Hewland, Sachs, AP and Kumho Tires, along with BAC designers, partnered to produce the Mono.

The Mono has a steel chassis covered with a carbon fibre composite body that meets FIA rollover standards. The design was inspired by DTM race car construction. There is a storage area in the front nose which also provides front impact protection.

Suspension design is a fully adjustable pushrod system made by SACHS Racing and the braking system was developed by AP Racing. The Mono maintains a low center of gravity and uses specially designed Kumho V70A road tires. Each Mono’s seat, pedal placement, and steering wheel position is arranged and built to the customer’s body shape and size.

The engine used is 2.3-litre, 285 horsepower four-cylinder by Cosworth. It is positioned longitudinally for balance of the car and is matched to a six-speed sequential gearbox by Hewland. It is designed to complete its shifts in 35 milliseconds resulting in a 2.8 second 0-62 mph time, and a top speed of 170 mph.

At the Top Gear test track, the Mono became the second fastest street legal production car to make a lap around the circuit. It ran a time of 1:14.3.

The Mono has been awarded a few trophies: 2011 Top Gear ‘Stig’s car of the year, and Steve Sutcliffe’s Car of the Year. In 2012 it was GQ’s Track Day Car of the year.

Image Caption: The BAC Mono. Credit: Supermac1961/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)