Baird’s Shrew, Sorex bairdi

Baird’s shrew (Sorex bairdi) is a native species to northwest Oregon, inhabiting mainly conifer forests. These shrews live around six other species of shrew, and have one subspecies, Sorex bairdi permiliensis. Baird’s shrew is darker in the winter, with a reddish brown or beige-brown fur color. On each side of the shrew, and the belly, the fur is paler. There is no difference in size between males and females, as is common among shrews, and the average body length can be between 4.9 to 5.6 inches. They can weigh up to .4 ounces, but have an average weight of .3 ounces. The diet of this shrew is similar to that of most shrews, consisting of insects, spiders, snails, and worms. The conservation status of Baird’s shrew is of least concern.

Image Caption: Baird’s Shrew, Sorex bairdi. Credit: Wikipedia