Baja California leopard lizard

The Baja California leopard lizard, Gambelia copei, is an uncommon species of lizard native to Baja California. They prefer dense areas of shrub or small trees.

It is between 3 and 5.5 inches long, and has a smoky gray color and darker gray or black dorsal spots, edged in lighter shade. The dorsal pattern appears spotted. There are light crossbars on the back, and light gray or white on its belly. It has small granular scales. The large head is distinct from neck, and the lining of mouth and throat are purplish-black.

Juvenile lizards are similar to adults, but have a more distinct banding across the back. Females develop red-orange blotches on their under side during breeding season. Males have femoral pores. They are powerful bipedal runners. Adults can inflict a painful bite.