Balbo sabretooth

The Balbo sabretooth, Evermannella balbo, is a sabretooth of the family Evermannellidae, found circumglobally in tropical and subtropical seas, at depths of between 328.08 and 3280.84 ft (100 and 1,000 m). Its length is up to 6.69 in (17 cm).

The Balbo sabretooth is a small narrow-bodied species with a large mouth filled with an array of long, barbed teeth on both jaws. The upward-directed telescopic eyes are set close together on top of the head. The second dorsal fin is adipose. The easily damaged skin is scaleless, and while there are no photophores, there is a large patch of greenish luminescence below each eye and smaller patches on the operculum and lower jaw.

The body color is an iridescent golden brown with a scattering of small black dots. The belly, caudal peduncle, and fins are darker and the large eyes are a pale green.