Banded bellowsfish

The Banded bellowsfish, Banded snipefish, or Bluebanded bellowsfish, Centriscops humerosus, is a snipefish of the family Centriscidae, found in southern temperate circumglobal waters south of Australia, South Africa, South America, and New Zealand, at depths of between 114.83 and 380.84 ft (35 and 1,000 m). Its length is up to 9.84 in (25 cm).

The Banded bellowsfish is a deep-bodied species with a tubular snout equal to about a quarter of the total body length. There is a distinctive hump on the back immediately behind the head. The dorsal fin is fleshy and points rearwards, with the second spine very solid and long. The scale-less body is tough and rigid with rough bristles, and there are some bony plates behind the head.

The color is silvery with a series of six oblique bars of orange-red on each side, and the fins are a transparent pale orange.

They feed on bottom-living invertebrates, but may also pick individual animals from the plankton.

Illustration by Dr Tony Ayling