Barred Tiger Salamander

The Barred Tiger Salamander, Ambystoma mavortium, is a species of salamander found from southwestern Canada in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Its range extends south through the western United States to Texas and northern Mexico.

There are five recognized subspecies of A. mavortium: Gray Tiger Salamander, Barred Tiger Salamander, Blotched Tiger Salamander, Arizona Tiger Salamander, and Sonoran Tiger Salamander.

This Barred Tiger Salamander is one of the largest land species of salamander. It can grow up to 14 inches in length, although it is more commonly found ranging from 6 to 12 inches long. It has a broad head and a bulky body. Its skin is moist and typically dark brown to olive green, or blackish, with large yellow blotches. The tail is laterally compressed like all Tiger Salamander species.

Barred Tiger Salamanders are mostly nocturnal. They are opportunistic feeders, and will eat mostly anything they can catch. Their diet mainly consists of various insects, slugs, and worms. As adults, they are primarily terrestrial, but the juvenile larval stages are entirely aquatic.

Barred Tiger Salamanders are legal to sell and are a very common species found in pet stores along the southwest USA. Their large size allows for easy feeding, and their hardy nature make them excellent captives. Their larval stage is often sold as bait for fishing.

The Barred Tiger Salamander is the State Amphibian of Kansas.

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