Beast of Bodmin

The Beast of Bodmin is considered to be a phantom cat that lives in Cornwall, United Kingdom. The beast was blamed for several slain and mutilated livestock in the area.

It was theorized that these large cats may have been imported to private collectors who escaped captivity. Because it is illegal to import or own these animals, details of their escape would not be reported.

In 1995 an investigation into legitimacy of these large cats turned up no evidence of their existence. The mutilated livestock was most likely done by a native species.

Several days after the release of the investigation report, a young boy found a large cat skull without the lower jaw. It was four inches long and seven inches wide with two sharp canines.

It was examined by the Natural History Museum in London and the skull was established it to be from a young male leopard. And it was actually part of an imported leopard-skin rug. An egg sack from a tropical cockroach was also found inside the skull. This type of cockroach is not found in Britain. The cut marks on the skull indicated that the flesh had been scraped off.

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