Beast of Dean

The Beast of Dean is a cryptid that has also been named Moose-Pig. It is said to live or have lived in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England. It is sometimes described as resembling a moose but with a boar’s head, or others say it is an enormous wild boar.

Farmers from the village of Parkend in 1802 were menaced by this creature and decided to capture or kill it. It was said it was large enough to crush fences and hedges, fell trees and so on. The hunt produced nothing, and at that time wild boars were extinct in that region.

Another sighting occurred in 1998 when two locals claimed to see the creature come out of the bushes. They described it as the size of a cow but resembling a boar.

The latest sighting of the creature was on November 7, 2005 when a couple were on their way to work and saw the creature in the early morning between Pygmy Pinetum and Mireystock crossroads. They described it as the size of a large black dog; but it wasn’t a dog, and it was completely unafraid.

The Beast of Dean was featured in the science fiction series Primeval, but was actually portrayed as a gorgonopsid that was transported through a wormhole to the present day from the Permian Period.

Image Caption: Forest of Dean, where the Beast of Dean purportedly lives. Credit: Robert Hindle/Lemoncurd/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)