Beauty Rat Snake

The Beauty Rat Snake, Elaphe taeniura, is a snake native to Asia. It is a slender and long snake and capable of growing up to 10 feet long, however most average 5-7 feet. They are quite temperamental creatures but can calm down in captivity.

The snake is a yellowish-brown to olive color while the top of the head and neck is unicolor. The markings on the back almost always consist of two pairs of black rounded spots, which join together. From each eye there is a dark stripe, which extends to the corner s of the mouth. This species has a much wider head and a longer tail.

The temperature for hibernation is around 65 degrees fahrenheit. Mating occurs about a month after the hibernation period. Hatchlings are about 11-17 inches in length and shed after about 14 days. Following shedding, pinkie mice should be fed immediately. They grow quickly and attain a length of 53 inches after only 14 months. They are capable of reproduction after only 18 months.