Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is a sheep-like dog well suited for agility. It is a terrier breed named after a mining town in Northeast England. Its fur has a wooly texture and usually a pale blue, sandy or liver color; it has been described as looking like a “˜lamb on a leash’. The original Bedlington was an underground rodent hunter, and the breed might have played a part in the early development of the Kerry Blue Terrier.

The head of the Bedlington Terrier is wedge-shaped, and its body shape is similar to a Greyhound or a Whippet, besides its front legs being slightly bowed. The Bedlington is usually groomed with patches of fur on its head and ears.

The Bedlington Terrier may appear calm, however, it can be argumentative when aroused, and can hold its own in a fight. It can overtake a badger or a fox; it is quite fast, and is also good in the water. It is a high-energy breed that needs plenty of daily aerobic exercise. The Bedlington also needs weekly combing and professional grooming every few months.

The Bedlington Terrier usually lives around 13.5 years. The breed suffers from health problems such as reproductive issues, heart murmurs, epiphora and cataracts. Copper toxicosis, a disease characterized by excessive copper in the liver, is an unusually common problem for this breed.

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