Belmont Red Cattle

The Belmont Red is a breed of beef Cattle produced in 1954 by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in the Australian tropics. It was developed at the Belmont Research Station from several different breeds including the Africander and Hereford-Shorthorn. The Belmont Red was released to breeders in 1969.

The Belmont Red was bred to have a greater resistance to ticks, have a calm temperament and  more efficiently use the environment for higher weight gain. They are well adapted to both tropical and temperate environments being heat-tolerant and requiring very little or no dipping for tick prevention. The survival rate is high during a drought and do not suffer from eye cancer.

The normal color of the breed is red. The cow calving rate is 90 percent with very little difficulties within large breeding groups of 5,000 head. Commercial herds graze in native pastures in Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia.

The CSIRO facility contains about 2,000 head including 1,000 breeders.

Image Caption: Belmont Red Cattle. Credit: Cgoodwin/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)