Blaarkop Cattle

The Blaarkop is a breed of dairy cattle that is bred in the Groningen region of the Netherlands. It has been referenced as early as the 1300s and from the 1800s the breed was found in the Utrecht and Leiden regions also.

The breed is sturdy and muscular with a horned head and strong legs. The body color is either solid red or black with a white head and tail tip. Around the eyes is a blotch the same color as the main body. In the population there is a ratio of 60 percent red colored and 40 percent black colored Blaarkop cattle.

The bull stands an average of 58 inches high and weighs around 1,760 pounds. The cow stands an average of 54 inches high and weighs about 1,320 pounds.

The cow produces and average of  1,650 gallons of milk with 4.35 percent butterfat and 3.60 percent protein.

Image Caption: Blaarkop Cattle. Credit: Eadepoeltegroen/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)