Black Baldy Cattle

The Black Baldy is a breed of beef cattle living in Australia, New Zealand and North America. It is developed by crossbreeding Hereford cattle with solid black breeds, usually Aberdeen Angus. In North America, the name “Black Whiteface” is used in some regions.

The body color is black with a white face. This coloration is derived from the dominant genes of the two breeds used. The white face of the Hereford and the black body of the Angus Cattle. The crossbreeding also produces black skin which protects the bare skin from sunburn in sunny climates.

The Black Baldy cow has good mothering abilities. In the British Isles, a similar breed is derived from crossing the Hereford with other black-colored dairy breeds, resulting in the Black Hereford.

Image Caption: Black Baldy cow and calf. Credit: Cgoodwin/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)