Black Stream Glider, Neurothemis fulvia

The black stream glider (Neurothemis fulvia) is a species of dragonfly that is native to India and neighboring areas. It is typically found near forested areas with slow moving streams and canals. It can be seen perching on many objects within these areas like aquatic plants, and boulders.

The black stream glider is medium in size, with males holding an average abdomen length of up to 1.1 inches and females holding an abdomen that reaches a length of up to .9 inches. Both males and females are purple in color, but they vary in total appearance. Males hold a dark greyish purple front and a black thorax with purple markings that make it appear to be bluish in color. The eyes of males are dark brownish-purple on the top and bluish grey on the bottom. The wings are translucent and the hind wings hold brown markings at the base. Females are brown in color on the front and with a thorax that can be olive, yellow, or green in color with a yellow abdomen that holds black markings. The wings of the females are also transparent, but there are reddish brown markings at the tip of each wing.

The black stream glider is most active between the months of May and November, but it can be seen during other times of the year in small numbers. This species is shy around humans, but is curious about them so will not fly away if humans are near.

Image Caption: Black stream glider from Someshwara, Karkala. Credit: Ashik Musicroom/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)