Black-legged Dart Frog

The Black-legged Dart Frog (Phyllobates bicolor), also known as the Bi-colored Dart Frog or Neari in Choco, is the second most toxic of the wild poison dart frogs. It lives in the lowland forests in the Choco area in western Colombia, along the San Juan river, although some populations lives further South in Quebrada Guangui.

The Black-legged Dart Frog is a highly toxic species. Just 150 micrograms of its poison is enough to kill an adult human. This frog is often heated over a flame to make it “sweat” the liquid poison for hunting darts. The poison causes death by respiratory and muscular paralysis. Research is being conducted to determine medicinal uses for this batrachotoxin. As with all dart frogs, captive-raised individuals are not toxic. The animals require chemicals found only in their wild food sources, mainly insects. In captivity, these chemicals are not available to them from their food source.

This species obtained its name due to its normally yellow or orange body with black or dark blue hindlegs and forelimbs below the elbow. In this species, the male transports tadpoles adhering on its back.

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