Blood Pheasant

The Blood Pheasant (Ithaginis cruentus) is a species of pheasant that has 15 different subspecies. It is found in the mountains of Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet, northern Burma and northwest regions of China. Its habitat is mainly coniferous or mixed forests and scrub areas near the snowline. During the summer they are found at higher elevations and depending on the amount of snowfall in fall and winter, they move lower in elevation. This is the state bird of Sikkim.

Its name is derived by the fact that males have a vivid red color on the feathers of the breast, throat and forehead. Females are colored with duller shade of reddish-brown. Both sexes have a unique ring of bare skin around the eye that is crimson in coloration. The feet are reddish. The subspecies are determined by varying shades of red and black in the feathers.