Bloomfield, Michael

Michael Bloomfield was an American astronaut and a veteran of three space shuttle missions. He was born Michael John Bloomfield on March 16, 1959 in Flint, Michigan. He played football throughout his childhood, and graduated from Lake Fenton High School in Fenton, Michigan in 1977. Bloomfield then attended the United States Air Force Academy and received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering Mechanics, as well as played Falcon football for Coach Bill Parcells. After graduating the Fighter Weapons Instructor Course, he became an F-15 fighter pilot and a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base. He also went on to earn his master’s degree from Old Dominion University before being selected as an astronaut candidate in 1994.

His first mission to space was in 1997 aboard shuttle Atlantis on STS-86. They launched on September 25, 1997 and became the seventh mission to rendezvous and dock with the Russian Space Station Mir. After 169 orbits in 10 days, 19 hours and 21 minutes, the mission ended with a safe landing. In 2000, Bloomfield piloted shuttle Endeavour on STS-97. The mission launched and became the fifth Space Shuttle mission dedicated to the assembly of the International Space Station They installed the first set of U.S. solar arrays, performed three space walks, and delivered supplies and equipment to the station’s first resident crew. The mission lasted ten days and traveled over four million miles. In 2002, he commanded STS-110 aboard shuttle Atlantis. They launched on April 8, 2002 and became the 13th Shuttle mission to visit the International Space Station. During their time in space, the crew delivered and installed S-Zero Truss as well as used the station’s robotic arm to maneuver spacewalkers for the first time. It was a successful mission that ended on April 19, 2002.

Bloomfield served as deputy director of flight crew operations at NASA’s Johnson Space Center before resigning from NASA in July 2007. He then became Vice President of the Constellation Program for ATK. He is married to the former Lori Miller, and they have two children. He enjoys reading, gardening, sports, and spending time with his children.