Blue Grey Cattle

The Blue Grey is a breed of beef cattle that is popular in Scotland and north of England. It was developed by crossing a white bred shorthorn and Black Galloway cows.

The color of the Blue Grey is roan blue. However, roan coloration is not a dominant color gene and the color does not always hold true. Only about half of the calves born to two true blue roan cattle will be blue roan, the rest will be either solid white or solid black. Blue roan is only consistent in the first generation of crossbreeding.

The calf that is born with the blue roan color is popular among farmers. They will retain the beefiness from the father and hardiness from the mother. They are well-suited for rough terrain and coarse grasses. The Blue Grey will maintain a good condition is any pasture and do not graze continually.

Image Caption: Blue Grey Cattle. Credit: stuad70/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)