Blue Ringtail, Austrolestes annulosus

The blue ringtail (Austrolestes annulosus) is a species of damselfly that can be found over most of Australia. This species resides near temporary and permanent pools, lakes, and ponds. It can be seen between the months of September and April. It was first discovered in 1862 by Edmond de Sélys Longchamps.

The blue ringtail reaches an average body length of 1.1 inches, with females growing more full-bodied than males. It resembles C. billinghursti and C. lyelli, but can be distinguished from these species by the markings on the upper side of its body. It varies in color depending upon the temperature and age, but most individuals are bright blue in coloring with a few black markings occurring along the abdomen. Females are paler blue in color with black and whitish markings occurring along the body.

Image Caption:  Blue Ringtail (Austrolestes annulosus) male, Tea Tree, Tasmania, Australia. Credit: JJ Harrison/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)