Bluestreak Cardinalfish, Apogon leptacanthus

The Bluestreak Cardinalfish (Apogon leptacanthus) is a member of the Cardinalfish family. This fish is also known as the Threadfin Cardinalfish.

The Bluestreak Cardinalfish is an inhabitant of the Red Sea. It is found from the Mozambique Island to the Samoa and Tonga, north to the Ryukyu Islands, and south to New Caledonia and Micronesia.

This fish is translucent with blue, vertical, iridescent lines on its head and the front of its body. It can grow to be about 2.3 inches in length. Young Bluestreak Cardinalfish do not have the blue lines.

In sheltered bays and lagoons (normally close to branching coral), adult Bluestreak Cardinalfish occur in small aggregations ranging from 3-29 feet in depth.

Image Credit: Haplochromis/Wikipedia