Bluntsnout smooth-head

The Bluntsnout smooth-head, Black slickhead, Cope’s Bluntsnout smooth-head, or Atlantic gymnast, Xenodermichthys copei, is a slickhead of the genus Xenodermichthys, found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans, and the Tasman Sea, at depths of 328.08 ft to 1.62 mi (100 to 2,600 m). Its length is from 7.88 to 19.68 in (20 to 50 cm).

The Bluntsnout smooth-head is a soft-rayed deepwater species, with dorsal and anal fins similar in shape and size and set back toward the deeply forked tail. The mouth is only moderately sized and has minute teeth, indicating a diet of small planktonic animals. On lower parts of the fish there are a number of irregularly spaced photophores.

The Bluntsnout smooth-head is a deep violet-tinged black with pale fins and violet eyes.