Boer Pony

The Boer Pony was developed in South Africa in the nineteenth century. It was bred from the Cape Horse and other imported breeds such as Flemish, Hackney and Cleveland Bay. The Boer Pony is a rugged breed with great mobility and during the Boer Wars helped the Boers endure against the British for three years. Thousands of horses were lost during this time but, top breeder horses were hidden in the mountains to preserve the Boer breed. They are often referred to as a Boerperd.

In 1973 the Boerperd Society of South Africa was formed. Boerperd is African for farmer’s horse. Today herds of Boerperds are isolated to the South-east Transvaal, northern Natal, eastern Free State and north-eastern Cape Province.

The Boer Pony is a calm well natured breed, but strong. Two varieties exist, the Boerperd and the Cape Boerpred, which is a more defined breed. The Boer can be trained to walk, trot, canter, slow gait and rack.

The Boerpred’s coat can be black, brown, bay, chestnut, grey, roan, dun or palomino and stands between 52 and 60 inches tall.

Uses for the Boer range from riding to sports, but are mainly used for farming. They have a good nature and are perfect for beginners to ride.

Image Caption: Boer Pony. Credit: Fuzzyduck1973/Wikipedia (public domain)