The Boerboel is a very large South African working breed. It was originally bred to be a farmer’s dog and to defend the homestead. It is a heavy mastiff breed that is obedient, intelligent and dominant. It is thought that the breed was derived from interbreeding African species with French, British and Dutch breeds.

The Boerboel should stand 23 to 28 inches high and can weigh between 154 and 200 pounds. It is a well-balanced, substantial breed. Its head is one of its most recognizable features; it is large with a strong muzzle and a massive neck. It normally has a docked tail. The breed only needs occasional grooming. Its coat can be brindle, brown, red-brown, red, yellow-cream, fawn, or black with a deep mask.

The Boerboel has a strong watchdog instinct, as it is a large and fearless breed. Because of this, it needs to be socialized early on in its life. The dog needs companionship from its owner, and if it is left alone for long periods it will become destructive. It needs room to run and can live outdoors as long as it has some companionship from its owner.

The average lifespan of the Boerboel is 12 years. It can suffer from several health issues such as eye problems, heart issues, thyroid problems, bloat, and hip dysplasia.

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