Bogong Moth

The Agrotis infusa or Bogong moth is a species of nocturnal moth that in spring will swarm in great numbers around public buildings in Canberra, Australia. They are commonly found in Southern parts of Australia featuring a wingspan of one and three quarters inches and are brown or black in color with stout bodies covered with long thick scales. Larvae are often called cutworms and feed on a variety of plants of which they “cut” pieces and carry them back to their burrows for food.

Adult moths migrate annually in the summer to cooler temperatures in the Australian Alps and in winter return to New South Wales and Queensland to reproduce. Only one generation is born per year. This species lifecycle can be divided into four stages: ova, caterpillars, pupa and adults.

These moths are believed to have been a staple in the diets of native Austrailians. They were roasted and eaten whole. The town of Bogong is named after this moth.

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