The Brabanter is a domestic breed of chicken that was developed in Brabant, an area that rests between the Netherlands and Belgium. The original type of this breed almost became extinct during the twentieth century, but crossbreeding with the Dutch Owlbeard saved the breed by 1920. However, inbreeding caused many individuals to be born too small and the breeding stock that exists outside of Europe is considered to be of poor quality.

The Brabanter can be distinguished from other breeds by its crest, which is held upright at a slightly forward angle, and its beard. As is common to crested breeds it has deep nostrils and a comb that is shaped like the letter V. This breed comes in a variety of colors including crème, gold spangled, and silver spangled. This breed is calm and is able to reside in confined areas and is able to withstand colder temperatures than other chickens. It can be used to lay eggs and in the meat industry.

Image Caption: Closeup of Brabanter from a 17th-century oil painting from the Netherlands. Credit: Vincent Steenberg/Wikipedia (public domain)