The Brandenburger is a breed of horse that originated in Germany. The development of the modern Brandenburger horse was attained by crossbreeding Trakehners, Hanoveranians and English Thoroughbreds during the mid-1900s. King Frederick Wilhelm II founded the national and state Neustadt/Dosse stud society in 1788 which had influence of the Brandenburger breed.

After the reunification of East Germany, stallions from the Hanoverian bloodlines and Redefin bloodlines were introduced. Since 1990 the newly founded breeders’ association has used mainly Holsteiners, Cor-de-la-Bryere-SF and Oldenburg bloodlines to form the current Brandenburger horse.

In 1999 there were 1,927 registered mares and 76 sires. The Neustadt/Dosse is the breeding center where  stallion approval is held every October.

The Brandenburger is lively, well-tempered and has a relaxed disposition. It is used for riding, driving and dressage. One Brandenburger mare sold at an auction for $3,386,000.

Image Caption: Brandenburger Freddy. Credit: Andizo/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)