British Columbia Medical Journal

The British Columbia Medical Journal (BCMJ) is a peer-reviewed general medical journal published by the British Columbia Medical Association (BCMA). While being published by the BCMA, the journal maintains distance from it in order to encourage open debate. This journal was originally called the Vancouver Medical Association Bulletin, published by the Vancouver Medical Association (VMA) from October 1924 to January 1959.

The journal relied heavily on advertiser support in its early years, but in 1957, as support began to decline, the VMA and BCMA entered into an agreement to restructure the publication, including giving it a new title, with the BCMA paying to sustain the financially troubled journal. The BCMA took the journal over completely in 1963.

BCMJ features primarily scientific research, review articles, and updates on contemporary clinical practices written by British Columbian physicians or focused on topics likely to be of interest to them, such as columns from the BC Centre for Disease Control and ICBC.

BCMJ is open-access and all articles from 2000 on are archived on the journal’s website. As of May 2012, the editor in chief is Dr. David R. Richardson.

BCMJ each year awards a prize of $1,000 for the best article written by a medical student in the province of British Columbia. The prize honors John Henry MacDermot (1883-1969), editor of the Vancouver Medical Bulletin from 1924 to 1967.

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