Brown Boronia, Boronia megastigma

Brown Boronia (Boronia megastigma) is a shrub species in the citrus family. Cultivated for its intense aromatic scent, it is the primary source of essential oils in the Boronia species. Reaching a maximum height of approximately 39 inches, the plant features deep green glandular leaves which are also scented. The linear leaves, narrow and thick in shape, are arranged in whorls around slender branches.

The production of scent appears to serve one primary purpose; reproduction. The activity in the oil glands found in every organ of the flower is heightened when the stigma is receptive to pollen. While cultivated varieties very significantly in color, the wild flower is typically brown or dark violet-red with a yellow interior. Each bloom measures less than half an inch.

The two primary compounds derived from the boronia’s oil are ionone and dodecyl acetate. It is used in fragrances and as a food additive.

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