The Bulldog, also called the British or English Bulldog is a stocky, medium-sized breed that originated in England. The term “bulldog” was first used in the late 1500s. The Bulldog was bred in England over a period of time; it is a cross between a pug and a mastiff, originally used for bullbating.

The body of the Bulldog is compact with short appendages. The trademark feature of the bulldog is its short muzzle combined with the saggy skin on its face which creates a “frown”. Its head is fairly large in proportion to its body. The Bulldog typically weighs 40 to 55 pounds and can come in a variety of colors. Its coat is generally short and smooth.

The Bulldog is a loyal breed and an excellent family pet. A Bulldog can become very attached to its owners, to the extent that it will not leave its owners’ sight. The breed has relatively low energy and is therefore suitable for living in small places, yet it still requires proper exercise. The breed is fairly low maintenance; however its face folds require daily cleaning because of excess moisture that can cause an infection.

As a breed, the Bulldog is prone to several health issues, some beginning at birth. Because of the size of the Bulldog’s head, puppies are often delivered by C-section because they can become lodged in the birth canal during birth. Also because of its head, more specifically its muzzle, breathing issues can be a problem. Other problematic conditions include interstitial cysts, cherry eye, allergies and hip issues.