The Burmilla is a domestic cat breed that was developed in 1981 in the United Kingdom. Unlike other breeds that were developed by breeding two distinct cats in a controlled environment, this breed was accidentally created when a lilac Burmese and a Chinchilla Persian, both pure bred cats awaiting breeding partners, encountered each other after a domestic worker left the door separating the two cats open. The resulting litter of four kittens was born in 1981. This breed is accepted by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy as an Asian cat and is registered with the CCA and ACF.

The Burmilla is a medium sized cat with an elegant yet muscular body, weighing between 6.6 and 13.2 pounds. This breed has a round head with medium sized ears that come to a point. Its almond shaped eyes have distinctive eyeliner markings around them and are preferably green in color, although some shades of yellow or gold are accepted in younger individuals. The coat of this breed can have a medium or short length, with most individuals holding short fur that is soft to the touch. Longhaired individuals are known as Tiffanies by the GCCF and hold a fluffy tail.

The coloring of the Burmilla can hold a variety of colors including blues, blacks, browns, and lilacs, while some prominent clubs do not recognize other colors like reds, calicos, and creams. The two major color patterns of this breed are Tipped and Shaded, although the Silver pattern is often accepted in registries besides FIFe. Nose and paw pad coloring corresponds with the coloring of the coat, witch black cats holding black coloring, brown cats holding brown coloring, and so on.

The Burmilla has an independent personality and is loving, playful, and social. It is well tempered with other animals and children and is a well-loved pet. It requires a well-balanced diet and weekly brushings are recommended to keep its coat healthy.

Image Caption: A male Burmilla cat in the United Kingdom. Credit: David Johnson/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)