The Bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus), is an antelope that is found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Bushbucks are found in all types of bush, from open forest to dense woodland. All bushbucks live within a “home” area and will not normally leave this area, which is usually around 30 sq. miles on the savannah and much larger in the forest. These areas usually overlap other bushbuck home areas.

Bushbucks stand about 35.5 inches at the shoulder and weigh from 65 to 175 pounds (depending on sex). Bushbucks have a light brown coat, with up to seven white stripes and white splotches on the sides. The muzzle is also white. Horns are found only on the males and they can reach over 20 inches with only one twist.

They eat mainly grass but supplement their diet with any other plant matter they can reach. Bushbucks are active around 24 hours a day but tend to be nocturnal near human habitations. Bushbucks tend to be solitary, though some live in pairs.

Photo Credit: Hans Hillewaert