Buttermilk Racer

The Buttermilk Racer, Coluber constrictor anthicus, is a subspecies of non-venomous snake and part of the family Colubrid. The Buttermilk Racer is found only in the United States, in southern Arkansas, Louisiana, and eastern Texas.

The Buttermilk Racer is a thin bodied snake, capable of attaining lengths of 60 inches. Its color is a unique pattern of black, greens, yellows, grays, and even sometimes blues, flecked with white or yellow. Their underside is white or cream colored.

Racers are diurnal, active predators. They are fast moving, and are often quick to bite if handled. They generally eat rodents, lizards, and frogs, but as juveniles they will also consume various kinds of soft bodied insect. They are fairly nervous snakes, and as such, do not typically fare well in captivity.

Photo by LA Dawson