Camargue Cattle

The Camargue is a breed of cattle native to the Camargue marshlands in southern France. It has existed in the region for a long time, mentioned in writings from Roman times. Estimates are the breed has been around for about 2,000 years and related to breeds that inhabit Asia and Southern Europe.

The breed lives semi-wild in marshes and are tended to by herders that ride Camargue horses inhabiting the same region. They also share the area with wild boar, cattle egrets and flamingos.

Other claims is the breed originated from aurochs that lived in the area during prehistoric times, making it the closet relative to the extinct Bos primigenius mauritanicus.

The Camargue is black in color with horns that sweep upward. They are hardy animals used for bull fighting competitions. The animals not suited for the bull-ring or breeding are used for beef production.

Image Caption: Camargue Cattle. Credit: Sogeking/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)