Canadian Medical Association Journal

The Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) is a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). The journal’s establishment likely would not have been without the foresight of Andrew Macphail, chair of the history of medicine at McGill University and editor of the Montreal Medical Journal. At the 1907 annual meeting, he argued that “without a journal to express its views and record its proceedings the association would have little impact.”  With his leadership, the CMA was able to establish the journal, which he became editor of. The first issue was published in January 1911.

CMAJ showcases innovative research and ideas aimed at improving health for people in Canada and globally. It publishes original clinical research, analyses and reviews, news, practice updates, and editorials.

CMAJ has had a significant impact on medicine and healthcare in Canada over the last 101 years. The journal has played a key role in raising awareness of health and medico-social issues on topics such as the link between sun exposure and skin cancer, the dangers of smoking, contraception and abortion, etc.

The journal celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2011.

Image Caption: A cover of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Credit: Wikipedia

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