Canadian Rustic Pony

The Canadian Rustic Pony originated in Canada mainly in the Saskatchewan and Manitoba provinces. Dr. Peter Neufeld from Manitoba developed the breed by cross breeding Heck horses from the Atlanta Zoo in Atlanta, Georgia with a Welsh pony and Arabian horse cross.

The Canadian Rustic Pony Association was formed on January 23, 1989 under the Canadian Federal Animal Pedigree Act, Bill C-67.  Prior to this, Canadian Rustic Ponies were registered through a United States registry since 1978.

There were 72 ponies registered by September 1989 and all were eligible for joint US-Canadian registration. No Canadian Rustic Ponies were found outside of the Saskatchewan or Manitoba provinces, but as breeders became aware of the new breed, this was expected to change.

The average height of this pony is 50 to 54 inches with a straight facial profile and prominent jaw. The coat can be gray, buckskin, dun or bay with dorsal and zebra stripes. It has a thick neck , girth and shoulders with a sloping croup. It has very strong legs and are considered to move gracefully, especially when in a trot.

The main use of the Canadian Rustic Pony is for jumping, driving or as a family pet.

Image Caption: Canadian Rustic Pony. Credit: SriMesh/Amazona01/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)