Canchim Cattle

The Canchim is a breed of beef cattle that originated in Central Brazil. Development began by breeding native herds with Zebu Cattle during the early 1900s.

The Ministry of Agriculture imported the Charolais to Goias in 1922. In 1936, the cattle were transported to Sao Carlos to a farm on the Government Research Station. This is where the original Canchim was developed.

Other breeding programs were initiated in 1940 with 64 percent Charolias and 36 percent Zebu and another with 64 percent Zebu and 36 percent Charolias to see which breed would be more successful.  It was determined the first program was more suitable for its meat, resistance to heat and parasites and overall appearance.

The first of the new breed was born in 1953. The breed’s association began in 1971, the herd book was established in 1972 and the breed was recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1983. It is considered a synthetic breed which permits breeders to develop new crossbreeding with the Canchim.

The bred is fast growing and can be slaughtered at 18 months old after weaning, 24 months old from feedlots and 30 months old from pasture grazing. The calf is usually heavy and of superior quality.

Image Caption: Canchim Cattle. Credit: Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5)