Canopy Jumping Spider

The Canopy Jumping spider (Phidippus otiosus) is found in southeastern North America and is a species of the jumping spider which lives predominantly in trees.

The body of the female canopy jumping spider can reach about 0.6 inches. It has iridescent fangs that range from purple to green in color. Under the bark of oak and pine trees females position their single egg sac. In South Carolina the females lay their egg sac from December to February, and in Florida they lay their egg sac from January to June. In the fall the spiderlings mature.

The canopy jumping spider P. otiosus is closely grouped with the related species P. californicus, P. regius, and P. pius in the otiosus group.

From Florida to Texas to North Carolina, and all over the southeastern Untied States, the Canopy Jumping spider can be found. Occasionally this spider may be found in remote countries such as Germany and Sweden because sometimes the spider is exported with plants such as the Tillandsia.

Otius “idle, at leisure”, is derived from Latin, or possibly from Ancient Greek oto- “ear”, referring to its tufts of black hair.

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