Carinthian Blondvieh Cattle

The Carinthian Blondvieh is a breed of cattle native to Carinthia, Austria. It is believed to be descendents of the Slovenian cattle which were bred with Gelbvieh cattle to form the Carinthian Blondvieh.

Last population count was in 2005 with 524 cows and 40 bulls. A steady increase from the previous count of 421 cows and 42 bulls in 2002.

The Carinthian Blondvieh is usually white or pale yellow in color. The horns, mouth and hooves are also pale. The cow can weigh 1,100 to 1,300 pounds and the bull 1,800 to 1,870 pounds.

The animal was not only used for its milk and beef, but also used as a draught animal.

Image Caption: Carinthian Blondvieh Cattle. Credit: Mefusbren69/Wikipedia (public domain)