Celestial Pearl Danio

The Celestial Pearl Danio, Celestichthys margaritatus, often referred to in the aquarium trade as Galaxy rasbora or Microrasbora. It has so far been found only in a very small area east of Inle Lake at an altitude of over 3280.84 ft (1000 m). The fish lives in relatively cool, alkaline water. Discovered in 2006 the species quickly appeared in the aquarium trade where its small size and bright colors made it an instant hit. It is the only species in the genus Celestichthys.


Within six months of its appearance in the aquarium trade, the species had become so rare that collectors were obtaining only a “few dozen fish per day”. While some aquarists have managed to breed the fish successfully, almost all the fishes currently offered for sale are wild-caught. British fishkeeping magazine Practical Fishkeeping is currently asking that only aquarists prepared to breed the fish should buy any fish they see for sale, to reduce pressure on the wild stocks by diminishing the demand for them in the UK.