The Chamois (Rupicapra Rupicapra), is a goat-like animal native to the European Alps, the Corno Grande region of the central Italian Apennines, the Tatra Mountains, Balkans, parts of Turkey, and to the Caucasus. The species has also become established on the south island of New Zealand. Chamois live at moderately high altitudes and are adapted to living in steep, rugged, rocky terrain. Their climbing abilities are surpassed only by the Alpine ibex.

A fully grown chamois reaches a height of about 2.5 feet and weighs about 110 pounds. Males and females have short horns which are slightly curled in the posterior direction. In summer, the fur has a rich brown color which turns to a light gray in winter. Distinct characteristics are a white face with pronounced black infra-orbital stripes, a white rump and a black dorsal stripe. Chamois can reach an age of up to 20 years.