Chez Warmblood

The Chez Warmblood is a breed of horse from the Austria-Hungry Empire (1876-1918). During the 1800s, Spanish and Italian horses were introduced to the Chez Warmblood. Later, breeds such as Furioso, Gidran, Nonius, Przedswit and German Warmblood were also used.

The Kladruby stud farm is a major contributor to the Chez Warmblood breed, which also mentions Thoroughbred, Selle Francais, Arabian and Anglo-Arabian breeds in their pedigree book.

It is a powerful and robust horse with a strong neck and bones. The back is long and broad. It has good hooves that are sometimes flat. The mane and tail are thick. Most Chez Warmblood horses are black, chestnut or dark bay.

It is easily taught and has a good temperament. The Chez Warmblood is used for all horse sports including dressage and horse racing. They are also used in light farming forest work and show jumping.

Image Caption: Chez Warmblood. Credit: Keep-Smiling/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5)