Climate For Fallon Nevada

Fallon Nevada is located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain which has a huge impact in the type of weather in the region and is more of an arid type pattern.

Temperatures for Fallon NV:
December and January mark the coldest months in the area with average temps around 20-40F. February through March temps warm into the average of 30-50 increasing to 60 by March. April is a mild month with temps in the 40-60 range on average. May and June the average temps warm to 50-70 with a slight increase to the 80’s by June. July and August mark the hot period for the region with average temps in the 60-90 range. September starts the cooling season as temps return to an average of 50-80. October and November temps drop into the 40-70 range for October and cooling further in the month of November to around 30-50 on average.

Moisture for Fallon NV:
Moisture is scarce in this region as mentioned above due to the proximity of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. January and February are marked with average precipitation amounts reaching towards 1inch. March and April remain really dry with very little precipitation with less than 1 inch if any. May and June mark a second wet season as moisture increases back to around 1inch during these two months. The remainder of the year moisture becomes very scarce again with having on average less than 1inch per month.

Significant Weather for Fallon NV:
Fallon has a very arid climate and tends to see a lot of days with dry warm blowing winds which can lead to fire hazards and also sand and dust storms.