Climate for San Diego CA

San Diego is located on the United States West coast. The region is near a cold ocean current that flows from north to south and this current plays a large role in the climate of San Diego from morning fogs to cooler summers and warmer winters.

Temperatures for San Diego CA:
January starts off the year and is the coolest month by climate standards as temps range from 40’s in the evening to 60’s in the day time. February and March see a slight increase in temps with the average increasing to 50-60’s. April through June temps balance out around the 60-70’s marking a cool summer. To finish out the summer the months of July through September temps increase to the 70-80’s on average.  October starts to mark the transition in temps as they slowly fall back into the 60-70’s on average. The start of November and through December temps drop into the 50-60’s range.

Moisture for San Diego CA:
January through March are the months that the majority of the rainfall occurs in the region with February being the wettest as total monthly rainfall may hit 2-3inches. April through October precipitation amounts fall to 1 inch or less. November and December the precip amounts return upwards to 1-2inches.

Tropical Activity for San Diego CA:
Due to the ocean currents off the coast of San Diego, there is a limited amount of tropical activity for the region. San Diego can see tropical however it is a very low chance.