Climate for Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is located in the Central part of Japan. On the Eastern shore of Japan is Tokyo Bay which connects to the Pacific Ocean. Just outside Tokyo Bay runs a warm ocean current which plays a role in the climate of Tokyo.

Temperatures for Tokyo Japan:
Average temperatures for the months of January through March range from the 30’s in January upwards to the 50’s by March. April starts the season of spring and the temperatures range from the 50’s to the 70’s. The months of July through September are the summer season and the temperatures begin to warm into the 70’s to the 90’s. When the fall season begins, temperatures slowly begin to fall back into the 60’s by October then cooling into the 40’s by November and December.

Moisture for Tokyo Japan:
The months of January and February are fairly dry as precipitation on average is less than 2in. Precipitation amounts pick up to around 1-2in on average during the months of March through May. June through August is the wettest as precipitation amounts increase to an average of 2-4in. Some of this heavier precipitation is associated with what is referred to as the rainy season. The winds setup out of the southwest and a stationary boundary moves back and forth through the region with low pressure systems traveling along the boundary. Another reason for the increase in precipitation is due to the presence of tropical activity in the region. Early spring starts out drier as the precipitation on average returns to around 1-2in. In October it increases to 2-4in. This is due to the rainy season that occurs during fall. During November and December, as winter settles in, the precipitation returns back to 1-2in. Tokyo, with its northern more latitude, does experience some snowfall throughout the months of December through early March. It is usually less than 2in. Sometimes the snowfall amounts are heavier and can reach upwards to 6in.

Tropical Activity for Tokyo Japan:
With Tokyo’s location to the ocean, it does have a tropical season that runs from late May through early November. During this time it is possible to see Tropical systems to move through the region.