Climate Impact On Your Budget For Annapolis Maryland

If you live in Annapolis Maryland or the Baltimore Maryland area this is what you can roughly expect to see when it comes to your heating and cooling budget.

The above graph shows the situations that occurred during previous phases of all three events such as normal conditions along with EL-Nino and La-Nina. The left side is a normal month of March that shows the Heating Degree Days can exceed 600, while during a EL-Nino phase warming occurs which is represented by the drop in Heating Degree Days.

La-Nina even has a stronger warming presence in the local area dropping the Heating Degree Days almost by half of the normal standards. Also during La-Nina the presence of actually having cooling degree days increases.

If you were to budget the use of Electricity to heat the house you would want to plan for more money being used during a Normal Phase. While La-Nina might actually bring your heating bill down during that time frame.