Climate Impact On Your Budget For Austin Texas

If you live in Austin Texas, this is what type of heating and cooling of your house you can expect to see during various weather events such as EL-Nino and La-Nina.

The above graph represents three events known as EL-Nino, La-Nina and normal conditions. All the data was gathered from the month of March for each event. During a Normal cycle it is pretty fair to say that Austin will experience heating and cooling pretty close together. While during an EL-Nino event it shows that heating needs rise greatly do to the cooler weather that EL-Nino provides. Lastly on the right we can evaluate that during a La-Nina phase the need for more cooling rises as La-Nina begins to push warmer air into the Austin area. This is one event for the time period of Austin it is important to know that these numbers are based off the weather station in Austin and depending upon were you live it could alter the final results. The fact is that during an EL-Nino winter heat requirements increase. While during a La-Nina winter cooling requirements increase for the local area.