Climate Impact On Your Budget For Billings Montana

If you live in or around Billings, Montana the above graph shows you what you can roughly expect when it comes to heating and cooling your house during the ENSO Phases.

In Billings during a normal phase of the ENSO your heating degree days pass 900HDD. However, when El-Nino phase is present the monthly average dropped to around 650.5HDD, which is a pretty significant amount especially when you are talking about paying that heating bill. When the La-Nina phase sets up the heating degree days, it drops even further to around 558HDD.

The overall summary for Billings is that when the cycle is normal expect to use more heating for businesses and homes, while La-Nina conditions provide the best news for the region when it comes to heating costs.

The winter of 2012 is set to be an El-Nino winter so you can see above where you will fall in regards to paying for heating of your home or business. Meteorologist Joshua Kelly