Climate Impact On Your Budget For Bismarck, North Dakota

If you live in or around Bismarck North Dakota the graph shows you what you can roughly expect when it comes to heating and cooling your house during the ENSO Phases.

Bismarck North Dakota, with its northern latitude, does have an impact on what type of heating and cooling it sees. During an Normal Phase the HDD for the region hits about 1348 on average. When the region enters into an El-Nino they can expect the amount of HDD’s to decrease to around 970 which really helps cut down on the amount of heating they need to use during this time period.

However, on the opposite side of things, when this region enters into a La-Nina the HDD’s rise sharply back up to around the normal or even slightly above the average. The graph above shows what one La-Nina did to the region. We can see that it created about 1359HDD which is slightly higher than normal.