Climate Impact On Your Budget For Honolulu Hawaii.

If you live Honolulu Hawaii or the surrounding low elevation area’s this is what you can roughly expect to see with impacts of the three features below when it comes to your heating and cooling budget.

The above graph shows the situations that occurred during previous phases of all three events such as normal conditions along with EL-Nino and La-Nina. During a normal cycle it is easy to see that the cooling degree days during March were around 355.5 days. During the same month of March during the EL-Nino cycle it was noted that the Cooling Degree Days fell to around 309. While La-Nina had a sharper drop with Cooling Degree days reaching only to around 288.5. It is important to stress that this occurred during all three phases for the month of March only. The above example shows how EL-Nino and La-Nina have an impact on a person’s cooling budget during the month of March.